The Naughtiest Nurse ever!

It was my CP party on Friday night with myself and the very sexy Jessica dressed as naughty nurses and Jessica was definitely the naughtiest nurse ever! Not only did her bottom end up one of the stripiest I’ve ever seen, but she had some strange marks on her bottom at the beginning of the party which she said she got doing crunches in the gym but we all agreed looked more like carpet burns haha.

As always we started the evening with wine, prosecco, beer and soft drinks as well as a yummy buffet and then moved onto a round of fabulous over the knee handspanking. We then followed that with a selection of implements from each of the 6 gents present and by this point our bottoms were looking nice and rosy! After a break for refreshments it was onto the speed spanking round and then 8 strokes of the cane for each of us from each gentleman. I couldn’t miss the opportunity to go over Jessica’s knee for one of her wonderful spankings as the finale, a fantastic way to end a fantastic evening πŸ™‚


Bottoms Up

I attended the fabulous Bottoms Up party yesterday. Lovers of denim were happy as the theme was country and western with Leia, Kandy, Donna, Lucy and Skye looking amazing in tiny mini skirts and of course I wore my shortest denim hotpants πŸ™‚ It was great to see my lovely friend Jenny Red too who popped in as a guest looking as gorgeous as ever.

Leia started proceedings as always by taking a cold caning, 6 strokes from each of the 19 gents present, ouch!! Then it was on to the over the knee spanking round, with each gent getting 5 minutes with each lady. We also used implements during this round and I took my favourite ‘antique’ paddle with me which proved popular! After a break for lunch, we resumed spanking and then it was on to the caning round, 6 strokes from each gent, luckily everyone was very kind as it was such a big party πŸ™‚

There wasn’t a lot of time for photos, but I did manage to get a few with lovely Leia before she left, unfortunately she’d already covered up her bottom haha. It was a great party and I went home with a very hot bottom πŸ™‚

Just one more spanking for me before I jet off to Gran Canaria to top up my tan, can’t wait!!


Fantastic Friday

It was a fantastic and very busy Friday indeed last week. The day began with a visit to my sexy friend Miss Brown and one of her gents. Miss Brown was of course the Headmistress and I was the school secretary. A new teacher was suspected of stealing Β£150 from my office. We stripped him, searched him then spanked, paddled and strapped him rather severely in an effort to make him confess to no avail. I almost felt sorry for him as he was clearly innocent πŸ™‚

The fun continued Friday evening, when I hosted a CP party at Canary Wharf. Chloe and I dressed up as saucy sailors and lots of fun was had by all! Our 6 lovely gents were welcomed with champagne, beer, wine, soft drinks and a delicious buffet and then it was time for some OTK spanking, always my favourite! Next up were the implements with a good variety being selected including the slipper, hairbrush, paddles, straps, flogger, crop and the fly swatter! After a break for more refreshments we resumed with a round of speed spanking before receiving 8 strokes of the cane each from each gentleman present. As you can see from the photos our bottoms were nicely red and striped! To finish off, Chloe and I gave each other 6 strokes of the cane, and guess what? It’s true what they say about women caning harder than men haha πŸ™‚


Rock Chicks Reunion

It was one of the wildest ever spanking parties on Friday when the very sexy Jadie made a welcome return to Canary Wharf for my rock chicks party. Jadie and I used to go to all the rock clubs together many years ago and I’d lost touch with her until just before Christmas when I bumped into her at a party πŸ™‚

The evening began with copious quantities of prosecco, wine, beer and food and then once everyone was in the party mood Jadie and I went over the knees of each of the 6 gentlemen for a lovely round of handspanking. Then the implements round with 12 strokes each from each gent with the flogger, paddles, strap and hairbrush being popular choices. Time for a break, during which we had more refreshments and Jadie was being very naughty bringing in my cuddly toys from the other room and putting them in compromising positions and purposely ripping her fishnet stockings!

The speed spanking round was next and then 8 strokes of the cane each from each gentleman, with Jadie receiving extra strokes from one of the gents who she’d spilled prosecco all over when she’d jumped on his knee at the very start of the party πŸ™‚ What a night and what red bottoms we had πŸ™‚

Bottoms Up

Last Thursday I had a wonderful day at the Bottoms Up party. The theme was sexy secretaries and the party was brilliantly organised, as always, by my gorgeous friend Leia Ann Woods. Jenny Red, Wynter and Donna were also there and, as usual, looking stunning and on great form.

The day began with Leia taking a cold caning, 6 strokes from each of the 19 gents present, ouch!! Then it was time for each gent to get a mini 121 session lasting 5 minutes with each Lady. All the gents present were lovely and very good at over the knee spanking and we had some very interesting conversations too.

After a break to eat lunch and quaff prosecco, we continued with our spankings until we’d been over the knee of all 19 gents, most of them finished off their mini session by using an implement such as the paddle or flogger too. Then we took it in turns to bend over a stool at the front and receive 6 of the cane from each of the 19 gents present, luckily they were all quite kind and didn’t cane us too hard! There was even a little bit of time for switching at the end.Β  What a fantastic day was had by all πŸ™‚


Happy New Year 1950’s style

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had an enjoyable festive season. It’s been a very busy January so far, with lots of spankings to keep me warm during our very cold weather haha. On Friday night I hosted a 1950’s themed party with the lovely Jenny Red. As always we started with champagne, beer, wine and some delicious food as well as some 50’s rock n roll to get the party started!

Then when everyone had settled in, we did a round of over the knee handspanking to get us nice and warmed up for the implements round. The flogger and lambswool paddle were popular choices as always, as well as the strap and slipper. After a break for more refreshments (tea for Jenny Red as she’s doing dry January, heehee!!) we resumed with a speed spanking round and then 8 strokes of the cane from each of the 6 lovely gents. Our bottoms were lovely and pink and a good time was had by all πŸ™‚dsc00334dsc00338dsc00339dsc00344

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Christmas came early to Canary wharf on Friday night with myself, Ivy and Skye dressed in teeny weeny Santa outfits with matching red bottoms! There was plentiful hot food and the champagne, wine and beer was flowing. Once everyone was feeling relaxed andΒ  in the party mood we had a lovely round of OTK handspanking and then 12 strokes from various implements from each of the 8 gentlemen present.

One of the gents turned up in a bright red suit printed with snowmen and reindeer all over it which caused much hilarity both at the party and on the tube home apparently heehee πŸ™‚

After a break for more drinks, cake and hot mince pies to keep up everyone’s strength we did a round of speed spanking which was brilliant fun. Then of course it was time for the cane, 6 strokes each from each of the gents. There were some stunning red bottoms but the prize for stripiest bottom definitely went to Ivy πŸ™‚