Tea at the Ritz

I had an amazing day yesterday, you may remember my Great Californian Spanking adventure in September 2014? I will certainly never forget it! Well, George is visiting London and we had a brilliant session, it was as though we’d seen each other only a few days ago! Within a few minutes of him arriving I had a blistering hot red bottom from a thorough handspanking over George’s knee. This was closely followed by a strapping and 36 strokes with my stingy lambswool paddle (not the fluffy side obviously 🙂 )

I was sitting slightly uncomfortably for my champagne afternoon tea at the Ritz, heehee! It was absolutely wonderful, thank you George for an amazing session and a lovely pre birthday treat 🙂 I will be training hard in the gym for the rest of the week to work off those delicious scones and cakes haha 🙂

may 2016 032




Back from my Holiday

I returned on Monday from an amazing week in Gran Canaria. The weather was fabulous with sunshine every day and I stayed in a beautiful five star hotel overlooking the Maspalomas sand dunes. I got a nice suntan and have been showing off my very small white bit ever since I got back, heehee  😉

Unfortunately there was no spanking while on holiday, but I have been making up for it since I got back! I’ve had lots of fun sessions this week with plenty of spanking, strapping and caning. My bottom is lovely and warm once again, and not just from the sunshine 🙂 It was quite funny on the beach the first couple of days as I still had a few marks on my bottom from my spanking party just before I went away. I wonder if anyone noticed? 🙂