Strictly Miss Brown

DSC00309 Last Thursday I was lucky enough to do a 221 session with the very sexy Miss Brown and one of her lovely clients. Miss Brown played the part of the dominant office boss who had caught us canoodling in the photocopying room.

Given the choice of losing our jobs or corporal punishment, of course we chose the punishment. Miss Brown spanked us both in turn until our bottoms were red hot and then my naughty co worker and I were made to spank each other. A paddle and then a very large strap were applied to both of our bottoms in turn and again we were made to punish each other too. I was caned and then the finale was my poor co worker receiving a double caning as I am right handed and Miss Brown is left handed. What stripes he had! It was an absolutely amazing session 🙂

If you are interested in seeing the wonderful Miss Brown and I for a session at her elegant private premises in Central London please email me at  for more details.

Fabulous Friday with Amelia Jane Rutherford

It was a fabulous Friday indeed last week as the stunning Amelia Jane Rutherford and I were booked to do a custom photo shoot. Our outfits included schoolgirl, nurse and french maid as well as some rather lovely vintage underwear. Fully fashioned nylon stockings with suspenders and heels were included in every scene. Lots of fun was had spanking each other with the hairbrush, now nicknamed Mr Spikey 🙂 as well as the crop and of course some good old fashioned OTK!