Summer Bikini Party

Despite the rain on Friday, the lovely Jenny Red and I were dressed in our bikinis and our bottoms certainly raised the temperature! It was my summer bikini babes party at Canary Wharf and what a night it was 🙂

6 lovely gentlemen expertly spanked, strapped and caned our bottoms giving us some lovely marks and as always there was plentiful wine, champagne and food. Just before the caning, the gentlemen had a champagne and cake break so Red and I decided to spank each other so our bottoms didn’t cool down! It was a lot of fun with brilliant banter and Jenny had us all in fits of laughter with her tales of Donald Duck haha 🙂

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Tanned and Toned

I’ve returned today from a fantastic 2 week trip to Croatia. The weather was extremely hot (37C!!), the food was fantastic, there was sparkling wine on tap, a great gym and pool and beautiful scenery. I hiked all the way round Plitvice National Park and Lake Bled in Slovenia which was truly amazing. The only thing that was missing was a jolly good spanking! I am tanned and toned and very much looking forward to getting back in the swing of things tomorrow when my white bit will no longer be white, heehee 😉

croatia and slovenia July 2015 031 croatia and slovenia July 2015 045 croatia and slovenia July 2015 046

Saucy Sailors

Yesterday I attended the lovely Jenny Red’s party where myself, Red and Amanda were dressed as saucy sailors. It was a wonderful afternoon with 7 lovely gentlemen, a nice relaxed atmosphere and of course plenty of spanking! Once everyone had arrived and settled in with a drink or 2, we began proceedings with a round of hand spanking. Everyone was very kind and there was a lot of bottom rubbing which was lovely!

After a break for a delicious buffet lunch, we then bent over for 12 strokes with an implement from each gentleman present. Next up was the caning round but someone produced a wooden spoon from the kitchen and we each got 4 strokes with the spoon before receiving 6 strokes of the cane from each gentleman. Two of the gents wanted to switch so we then took it in turns to give them a sound thrashing before sending them on their way with very sore bottoms!! 🙂

jens party july 2015 007 jens party july 2015 008