Dangerous Driving



Yesterday I attended my first ever Femdom party and what a lot of fun it was! Myself and Miss Parker were in charge of punishing 3 naughty men who had been caught committing various driving offences including stopping and having a nap in the Blackwall tunnel, using a mobile phone whilst driving and speeding! Given the option of points on their license and a fine or being punished, guess which option they chose?!

Miss Parker and I administered over the knee spankings to all the gents and then proceeded to redden their bottoms using a variety of implements. She certainly has an impressive collection of paddles, straps and canes! There were some very red and stripey bottoms by the end of the afternoon 🙂




Just another Crazy Night

Friday night I hosted a CP party at Canary Wharf. With myself, the gorgeous Jenny Red (who has just returned from a holiday in Thailand and looked very tanned) and my beautiful friend Katarina dressed in frilly french maid costumes it was a crazy night indeed!

We started proceedings with champagne, beer and wine as well as some lovely food so everyone could relax and get into the party spirit 🙂 Then it was a round of wonderful hand spanking to get our bottoms nice and warm before the implements. There were 9 gents present and each one gave each Lady 12 strokes with an implement. There were lots of implements to choose from and the floggers and lambswool paddle were popular as always but the hairbrush, straps, crops and tawse also got used.

Next it was time for a break, copious amounts of champagne were drunk and there was a very jolly atmosphere indeed, there was even some dancing 🙂

Then it was back to the job in hand, a quickfire round of speed spanking followed by 6 strokes of the cane each from each of the gents. Lovely bright pink bottoms were the result and a brilliant night was had by all 🙂