White Christmas

Yesterday I attended the 2 Kings Christmas party, always the biggest party on the London scene and lots of fun! The theme was white for Ladies who switch, with dominant Ladies dressed in black and red, and it was the usual slightly chaotic fun! The lovely Miss Brown, Xela Chaste and Mistress Ava did a brilliant job of organising the over the knee spanking round and then it was ‘free play time’

I have to mention Ivy who did a stunning striptease during the lunch break, her routine included a hula hoop with flashing lights, which she kept around her hips while she danced, absolutely stunning and it got a massive round of applause. Jenny Red looked stunning as always and the Midlands gang (Jo, Donna, Wynter, Kandy and Chloe) looked gorgeous in little matching white dresses and gloves made by the very talented Jo and Donna. I tried all day to get them all together for a photo and failed but I did manage to get a photo of Chloe so you can see the outfit! Also present were Sugar, Rosie Cleopatra, Jessica, Melissa and many other Ladies, sorry if I’ve forgotten your names!!!!

I had a brilliant time and met lots of lovely people, got spanked a lot, showed off my spanking, paddling and caning skills, leaving a few gentlemen with very sore bottoms πŸ™‚ Β and went home with a warm, pink bottom! A very good day, I think you’ll agree πŸ˜‰



I’m dreaming of a Spanking Christmas…

It was my Christmas Spanking party last night and what a fantastic fun filled evening it was! Myself, the stunning Jenny Red and lovely new girl Alice Blushes dressed as sexy Santas and ended up with our bottoms almost as red as our outfits πŸ™‚

The 7 lovely gents put us over their knees in turn for a wonderful hand spanking round, and then it was time to bend over for the implements. 12 strokes for each Lady from each gentleman and my lovely new lambswool paddle was a firm favourite! After a break for champagne and a delicious hot buffet we resumed with a round of speed spanking, followed by 6 strokes from each gentleman of the cane. Jenny Red kept us entertained with her hilarious stories as always and a good time was definitely had by all πŸ™‚