Beach Babes in the Rain

august 2015 017

august 2015 019
I attended the 2 Kings beach babes party yesterday. It was a shame about our rainy English weather but things soon heated up when myself and my gorgeous friend Jenny Red, along with 2 other lovely ladies, Kate and Xela, slipped into our itsy bitsy bikinis!

Xela did a great job of organising the party and we were soon over the gentlemen’s knees for a good hand spanking! Next it was the paddle then the cane followed by time to switch for those gentlemen who wanted to go home with a red bottom. Lots of fun was had by all, it was a lovely small party with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and lots of warm bottoms 🙂

Hot Air Ballooning

Yesterday I finally got to go on my hot air balloon ride which was booked last year and has been cancelled half a dozen times due to unsuitable weather conditions. It’s not often that we get perfect weather here in England! I had to get up at the crack of dawn (3.30am!) in order to make it out to Essex before sunrise but the views were definitely worth it!

What a lovely way to see the English countryside, it hardly felt like we were moving at all, it was a very relaxing experience and afterwards we were given a glass of champagne each to raise a toast 🙂

11Aug2015am 015

All this time spent flying high reminds me of the time I was spanked for stealing duty free goods as an air hostess with my sexy colleague Chloe… 🙂 Click here to watch the clip now!