Happy Halloween

I attended a fabulous Bottoms Up Halloween party on Thursday, the theme was red devils and it was a brilliant day. Run very efficiently by the lovely Leia Ann Woods, and with myself, Jadie, Donna, Jessica and Kandy dressed as horny red devils haha🙂

Bottoms Up parties are organised slightly differently in that each Lady is given a “dance card” with a list of the gentlemen’s names on it. She then works her way down the list, spending around 5 minutes over each gentleman’s knee before moving onto an implement. There were around 16 lovely gentlemen in attendance. We had a break for lunch with plenty of time for chat and prosecco🙂  and then moved on to the cane. 6 strokes from each of the 16 gents  meant that there were some lovely red bottoms by the end of the day🙂

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St Trinian’s Party

On Friday night the gorgeous Katy Walker and myself donned our sexiest schoolgirl outfits for an evening of spanking fun at Canary Wharf. The St Trinian’s theme went down very well and after a few glasses of bubbly and some delicious hot food the fun began with a round of over the knee handspanking. We then continued with a variety of implements including paddles, straps, crops and the flogger, with each of us receiving 12 strokes from each of the 6 lovely gentlemen present.

After a relaxing break for more refreshments, we resumed with a brilliant round of speed spanking and then 8 strokes each of the cane from each of the 6 gents. Our bottoms were lovely and red and warm and a wonderful evening was had by all🙂

My parties aren’t actually switch parties but one of my lovely gentlemen had a birthday and requested 52 strokes of the cane as a birthday present. Who were we to refuse haha. Needless to say he went home with a rather sore bottom🙂

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Tanning the Tanned

I returned on Wednesday from a wonderful 2 week holiday in Lindos on the Island of Rhodes in Greece. Lindos is an amazing village with white washed houses perched on a hillside. Walking up and down the hill (nicknamed heart attack hill haha) kept me fit! It was a regular occurrence to see donkeys and goats walking around and the beach is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever been on.

Surprisingly for such a small village, the nightlife was fantastic and I spent way too many nights in the rock bar, drinking and dancing on tables until the early hours🙂

I missed being spanked and got straight back into it with 2 brilliant sessions on Thursday and Friday, my tanned bottom is now lovely and warm again🙂



Jenny Red’s Dirty 30 Party

My lovely friend Jenny Red is celebrating her 30th birthday this month, and, like me when it’s my birthday, she likes to celebrate for the entire month🙂

On Friday she held a superb spanking party, the theme was dirty 30, and when I asked her what I should wear the answer was as little as possible! The gorgeous Leia Ann Woods was also there looking fabulous as always in a sexy corset and Jen looked ravishing even though the original outfit she had planned had disappeared!

After a lovely round of over the knee handspanking with some of the loveliest guys in the spanking scene, we broke for a delicious buffet lunch. Play then resumed with a quick round of speed spanking, followed by 6 strokes with an implement for each Lady from each gentleman, then 8 strokes of the cane each from each gentleman. Then it was time for switching for those who wanted to go home with a sore bottom, while Jen decided she hadn’t had enough caning and wanted to go round again haha🙂



Naughty Nighties

Last night was my spanking party at Canary Wharf with the very sexy Jenny Red who kindly stepped in at the last minute when Jessica cancelled. We had short and sexy nighties as our theme.  Jenny had just got back from Tenerife the day before and looked lovely and tanned. After welcome drinks and some delicious food, tanning of a different kind began!🙂

It was another warm night in London so lots of fresh air breaks were needed as the heat from our bottoms soon warmed everyone up🙂 A wonderful round of over the knee handspanking was followed by an implements round with my new flogger and the lambswool paddle being firm favourites yet again! After more food and drink we resumed with some speed spanking and then 10 strokes each of the cane from each of the 6 gentlemen present. Extra strokes of the cane were awarded to both of us for wasting time taking selfies, heehee, not that we did that on purpose of course😉

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Dinner with Leia Ann Woods

My gorgeous friend Leia Ann Woods came over for a session on Tuesday evening, but first we went out for a lovely dinner of Italian food and champagne so we were in a very merry mood🙂

We wasted no time in stripping down to our lingerie (not in the restaurant obviously, haha) There were spankings all round as we were with a lovely gentleman who likes to switch, we all got plenty of time over the knee which was lovely and relaxed. We then gave our gentleman a double caning, as many of you know Leia is left handed and I am right handed so this worked brilliantly🙂 Leia was on great form and we had lots of good banter and catching up to do!  A lovely way to spend the evening doing my 3 favourite things, eating, drinking and spanking heehee😉


Beachwear Babes Party

It was the hottest day of the year so far in London and the weather wasn’t the only thing that was warm! Today I attended the fantastic 2 Kings Beachwear Babes summer party along with Chloe, (who was celebrating her 27th birthday🙂 ) Donna, Ivy, Sugar and Nicky Montford. What a line up! Sally was also there as a guest and to help things run smoothly which she did brilliantly as always.

We started with a lovely round of over the knee handspanking, to get everyone acquainted and to warm up our bottoms for what was to come. After a quick break for lunch, we resumed play with various straps and paddles and then 6 strokes of the cane for each girl from each of the 14 gentlemen present. One of the gentlemen commented that I hadn’t updated my blog for a while, oops! I think I got spanked extra hard for that and promised to rectify the situation immediately heehee🙂

We then had free play time with lots of switching, but I also managed to get plenty more over the knee spanking! What a wonderful afternoon🙂