Beachwear Babes Party

It was the hottest day of the year so far in London and the weather wasn’t the only thing that was warm! Today I attended the fantastic 2 Kings Beachwear Babes summer party along with Chloe, (who was celebrating her 27th birthday🙂 ) Donna, Ivy, Sugar and Nicky Montford. What a line up! Sally was also there as a guest and to help things run smoothly which she did brilliantly as always.

We started with a lovely round of over the knee handspanking, to get everyone acquainted and to warm up our bottoms for what was to come. After a quick break for lunch, we resumed play with various straps and paddles and then 6 strokes of the cane for each girl from each of the 14 gentlemen present. One of the gentlemen commented that I hadn’t updated my blog for a while, oops! I think I got spanked extra hard for that and promised to rectify the situation immediately heehee🙂

We then had free play time with lots of switching, but I also managed to get plenty more over the knee spanking! What a wonderful afternoon🙂


Hot in the City


With London in the middle of a heatwave and temperatures today hitting 35c, luckily it wasn’t quite so hot on Friday evening for my spanking party! Myself and the lovely Ivy were appropriately dressed in our bikinis and the 6 wonderful gentlemen at the party made sure that our bottoms were red hot by the end of the evening!

A round of over the knee handspanking soon broke the ice, and was followed by an implements round where we received a variety of implements including paddles, straps, slipper, riding crop and the flogger. After a break for food, drink and to cool down, haha🙂 we resumed with a round of speed spanking. We then concluded a wonderful evening with 8 strokes of the cane from each gentleman present. What a lovely way to end the week🙂


My holiday snaps

It seems a long time since my holiday in Barcelona, but as promised here are some of my holiday photos.

The first 7 days I was at Villanova, around one hour from Barcelona, on a very well organised classic rock holiday. My little chalet was lovely and with Rock gigs almost every night, it was one long party! I even managed to fit in a little bit of spanking 😉

I then moved to a fabulous 5 star hotel in Barcelona itself for 4 nights, where I did some sightseeing. Sagrada Familia was as amazing as expected and I also did the open air bus tour then spent the final day sunbathing on the fabulous Barcelonetta beach 😎

I had a wonderful time but after 11 days away was definitely ready to come home and get my bottom warmed again! 😊IMAG0875












Saucy Sailors and Barcelona Trip


Firstly I must apologise for not updating my blog for a while, my laptop packed in the day before I went on holiday so as soon as I returned I arranged to have a new one delivered, which is finally up and running, hooray! Though in my opinion, whoever developed Windows 10 deserves a spanking!

Back to Friday 10th June which was the evening that I hosted a saucy sailors party with the gorgeous Nikita. It was a warm night in London and our bottoms made it even warmer!🙂

We started with the usual food and drinks to break the ice and then straight into a round of over the knee handspanking. After a quick break to open the windows and sip some more champagne, heehee, we each received 12 strokes with an implement from each of the 6 gents present. There was a great choice of implements including slipper, hairbrush, paddles, floggers,  straps, crops and, of course, everyone’s favourite the lambswool paddle🙂

We then resumed with a brilliant round of speed spanking and then 8 strokes of the cane from each gentleman present, so 48 strokes each in total. A very good time was had by all and our bottoms were lovely and warm and rosey🙂


I’ve just returned from a wonderful 11 day break in Barcelona, which I will be updating you on within the next few days🙂


Sam and Red’s Stockholm Adventure

Finally, I’m getting round to updating my blog, just over a week after our return from beautiful Stockholm, it’s taken me that long to recover, heehee🙂

My lovely friend Jenny Red and I flew out to Stockholm for the bank holiday weekend to celebrate my birthday and what a celebration it was! We partied until 6am on Friday and Saturday night, which felt very strange as the sun was up by 3am! The rock clubs in Stockholm are fantastic, great music and full of gorgeous friendly people. We even managed to do a little bit of sightseeing around Gamla Stan, which ended up with us finding a medieval themed bar and drinking mead, which helped with my hangover🙂

On Monday it was a lovely sunny day so we went to one of the many parks and topped up our tans.

There was no spanking, well, not any I can write about haha😉 but we had an absolute blast and we will definitely return very soon🙂  It is my biggest regret that I didn’t take more photos, next time I will I promise! stockholm may 2016 002stockholm may 2016 004




Birthday Celebrations

I’ve been having an absolutely wonderful week, it’s my birthday on Thursday and the celebrations have already begun! I was lucky enough to have a 221 with the gorgeous Jenny Red as well as 2 sessions with my awesome friend Samantha Jones.

Jenny Red and I had very warm bottoms on Friday night, as did our lovely gentleman who was brave enough to switch with both of us🙂

Monday saw me sessioning with Samantha who is looking really well, she is still fighting cancer but is now well enough to do a few sessions with trusted regulars, and it was great fun as always. She’d arranged lots of birthday treats including champagne, cake and presents and of course birthday spankings! Her bottom is looking as lovely as ever and we were both spanked, slippered, paddled and caned. What a great day!

Jenny Red and I are off to Stockholm for the Bank Holiday to continue the celebrations in style, watch this space as I will be updating my blog with photos of our adventures😉may 2016 001may 2016 010may 2016 011may 2016 016

Tea at the Ritz

I had an amazing day yesterday, you may remember my Great Californian Spanking adventure in September 2014? I will certainly never forget it! Well, George is visiting London and we had a brilliant session, it was as though we’d seen each other only a few days ago! Within a few minutes of him arriving I had a blistering hot red bottom from a thorough handspanking over George’s knee. This was closely followed by a strapping and 36 strokes with my stingy lambswool paddle (not the fluffy side obviously🙂 )

I was sitting slightly uncomfortably for my champagne afternoon tea at the Ritz, heehee! It was absolutely wonderful, thank you George for an amazing session and a lovely pre birthday treat🙂 I will be training hard in the gym for the rest of the week to work off those delicious scones and cakes haha🙂

may 2016 032