Punished by the Headmistress

Last week as well as having lots of fun partying, I did a video shoot with the fantastic and very sexy Miss Aleesha Fox. She was absolutely brilliant and the first video that we filmed “Punished by the Headmistress” is now on both my Clips4sale and Manyvids sites.

I played the part of the strict Headmistress and Aleesha was a very naughty schoolgirl who had no regard for the school rules whatsoever! As well as being caught smoking behind the bike sheds, she wore stockings, suspenders, a thong and ridiculously high heels with her school uniform. I’m sure you’ll agree that I had no option but to punish her most severely. How many strokes of the cane would you have given her? 🙂

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Very Naughty Nurses

After a quiet start to 2023 things really picked up this week with not 1, but 2 parties, a video shoot with Aleesha Fox, as well as some 121 sessions! I attended the 2Kings party on Tuesday which was lots of fun. Myself, Aleesha Fox and Rebecca May were dressed as sexy secretaries although our clothes didn’t stay on for long haha!

On Friday night it was my own party with myself and Jadie dressed as very naughty nurses. Our short, tight uniforms were set off perfectly by our fishnet stockings, suspenders and sexy lingerie. True to form, Jadie managed to rip her fishnets before the party even started which has earned her the nickname of the fishnet slayer 🙂 Our 6 gents arrived promptly and were greeted with wine, beer, prosecco and ginger ale as well as a delicious buffet including my home made sausage rolls. There would be disappointment all round if the sausage rolls weren’t home made and Jadie declared them the best she’d ever tasted!

Everyone soon got warmed up with a lovely round of over the knee spanking followed by 12 strokes from each gent with various implements. We then had a break for lemon drizzle cake and more refreshments before having our bottoms warmed with a brilliant round of speed spanking and then of course, the cane! 8 strokes from each gent ensured our bottoms were red and stripey. A jolly time was had by all and I can’t wait to do it all again soon 🙂

Home Alone and Horny

My new and extremely naughty video is now available on both my Clips4sale and Manyvids pages. “Home Alone and Horny” is the story of what happens when I have a night in on my own and there’s nothing on TV 🙂 I ended up spanking my bottom with both my hand and a paddle and making it very red and hot. I then got a bit carried away and ended up playing with myself and having an orgasm! I haven’t made a film this naughty for many years 🙂 The photos are much too explicit for this blog so if you would like to see them please use the links below:

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I’ve been naughty!

I have added another new video to both my Clips4Sale and Manyvids sites this week. I was behind the camera for this one which was lots of fun! Amelia Jane Rutherford aka Ariel Anderssen stars as a spoiled English heiress whose Grandfather has left her £3 million pounds in his will. Of course there are conditions attached, and she has to agree to Corporal Punishment in order to get the money. She plays the part to perfection and I love her catchphrase “more sequins, more fun!”

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It’s been a bit of a quiet week for spanking so I did something rather naughty! I made a film of me spanking myself but then I got a bit carried away. I ended up being very naughty indeed and making a very explicit film! Look out for more details coming next week 🙂 I’m very happy that I’m starting to get busy next week so I might manage to stay out of trouble haha. I will be attending the 2Kings sexy secretaries party on Tuesday with Aleesha and Rebecca and my own party on Friday with Jadie. Should be lots of fun!

My Best Selling Clips of 2022

Happy New Year! A big thank you to everyone who bought my 1st ever scolding clip “Strict Auntie Punishes You” as it has gone to the number 1 spot in the Clips4sale scolding category! I’m so pleased with this result that I’ve just uploaded another clip in the series titled “Strict Headmistress punishes you”

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My Top 5 Best Selling clips of 2022 were:

5. The Cougars Punish the Intern (F/M)

4.The Head Girl’s Punishment (M/F)

3.Obedience Training (F/F)

2. Punished by the Prefect (F/F)

  1. Delayed Departure (F/F)

Thank you all for your continued support which enables me to continue doing what I love and I look forward to making more videos in 2023 and beyond. I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoy making them. xxx

Office Party

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I went to Glasgow to spend Christmas with my family which was great, apart from staying in a very noisy apartment in the city centre which meant that I barely slept for 4 days! I’m back home now and catching up on sleep so that I will be ready to party on New Years Eve 🙂

I have added a new video to my Clips4Sale and Manyvids stores today. My gorgeous friend Amelia Jane Rutherford aka Ariel Anderssen and I have been very naughty at the office Christmas party and our boss, played by Angus, is not amused. He bends us over the desk side by side and proceeds to spank our bare bottoms and then we are given 12 well deserved strokes of the cane each. Lots of fun and what deliciously stripey bottoms we had 🙂

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I’m on the Naughty List!

I’ve just updated my Clips4sale store with a brand new video. “On the Naughty List” is seasonal, funny and has some very good explicit close ups of my bottom being spanked!

I decide to visit Santa with a long list of presents that I’d like for Christmas, but instead of presents I’m shocked to find that I’m on the naughty list and getting a spanking instead! Of course, it doesn’t stop there, as Santa then makes me kneel on the chair for some stinging strokes with the hairbrush and 12 strokes of the cane.

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A Christmas Party to Remember

It was my Christmas party on Friday night with myself, Kandy and Jess Kane in suitably festive outfits. I even had a brand new Santa dress to wear! We had 9 lovely gents as guests, some of which I hadn’t seen for a while, so it was a lovely reunion night catching up with old friends 🙂

The prosecco, beer, wine and ginger ale were all flowing and our guests were greeted with a delicious buffet which included my home made sausage rolls, although I couldn’t get the usual sausage meat so they did taste a little different! Jess soon removed her dress as she said she was too hot, she was the only one wearing long sleeves! Obviously no one was complaining and she was wearing some lovely lingerie which I did, of course, cut the labels out of!

Once we were all suitably merry we had a round of lovely over the knee spanking. All the gents are experienced and considerate spankers so there were lots of lovely bottom rubs too 🙂 Then it was onto the implements, with each gent administering 12 strokes to each lady. There were some very red bottoms!

After a break for refreshments including hot mince pies and lemon drizzle cake, it was onto the speed spanking round and then 6 strokes of the cane for each lady from each gentlemen. I think it’s safe to say that a good time was had by all!!

Christmas comes early

I saw my lovely friend Miss Brown a few times in November and we did a really fun Christmas scenario in one of the sessions. It was a little early to post about Christmas so I saved the photos and here they are! It’s always fun to see Miss Brown in her elegant office and we enjoy doing 221 sessions together. She is left handed and I am right handed so a double caning is almost always involved! If this interests you, please get in touch with me by email.

It’s my Christmas spanking party tomorrow and I can’t wait to see everyone! I have a brand new Christmas outfit to wear 🙂 I’ll be posting photos and a full report on my blog next week.

New Video

I’ve just uploaded another new video to my Clips4Sale and Manyvids stores entitled “In Debt” 🙂

I play the part of a housewife who has borrowed some money from a moneylender, played by Marcus Black. He has some very unusual methods for dealing with clients who don’t make their repayments on time! Needless to say I end up over his knee for a sound spanking, some very stingy strokes with a hairbrush and then bent over the table for the cane which leaves some lovely red stripes on my bottom.

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Mistress Trains Submissive Flatmate

I have just updated my Clips4sale Studio with another brand new video clip! It’s from my recent shoot with my fabulous friend Amelia Jane Rutherford (aka Ariel Anderssen) who plays the part of my kinky new flatmate brilliantly 🙂

Amelia has been fantasising about being trained as a submissive and dominated by a strict Mistress. Obviously I am happy to fulfill her fantasy! We start off with her worshipping my legs and bottom and then I use the flogger on her peachy behind. Stripped naked, I then put her over my knee for a handspanking and some stinging strokes with my hairbrush. Then she is instructed to bend over for the cane.

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French Maids Party

Friday night was French Maids party night, and the fabulous Aleesha Fox made a welcome return to the spanking scene looking as gorgeous as ever. Our 6 lovely gentlemen were welcomed with prosecco, beer, wine and ginger ale not to mention a delicious buffet including my now famous home made sausage rolls! 🙂

We wasted no time in getting started on a round of lovely over the knee handspanking followed by a choice of implements. Each Gent gave each Lady 12 strokes. The flogger was a popular choice as were the various straps, paddles and the slipper. After a break for refreshments and a yummy lemon drizzle cake we resumed with a round of speed spanking which was lots of fun and then we got 8 strokes of the cane from each Gent. Everyone was very kind but we still managed to get some nice stripes. Aleesha put me across her knee for a spanking as the finale. What a fun evening, I can’t wait to do it again at the Christmas party on the 9th December!! 🙂

Breach of Uniform Regulations

I was lucky enough to do another shoot with the fabulous Amelia Jane Rutherford (aka Ariel Anderssen) last week and she is just so much fun to work with 🙂

I have just added the first video that we filmed “Breach of Uniform Regulations” to both my Clips4sale and Manyvids websites. We were sent to see the strict Headmaster (played by Angus) for wearing stockings and suspenders with our school uniforms, amongst other things haha. There are some fabulous shots of our red bottoms being punished side by side!

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Ooh Matron!

I have just updated my Clips4Sale store with the final video from the recent shoot I did with my lovely friend Leia Ann Woods. She is absolutely brilliant at playing the strict matron in this clip. I am a very naughty nurse who’s been out partying all night and turned up in a fancy dress nurses uniform as I haven’t had time to go home and get changed! 🙂 Needless to say I soon regret my actions once Matron has spanked, paddled and caned my bare bottom!

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St Trinian’s Party

My spanking party last Friday night was lots of fun! Frankie and I dressed as saucy schoolgirls with stockings and suspenders to go with the St Trinian’s theme. Our 6 lovely gentlemen arrived and were greeted with plentiful wine, beer, prosecco and even ginger ale and a delicious buffet. Everyone was pleased that the home made sausage rolls were back on the menu and they disappeared very quickly!

We started with a round of over the knee handspanking and then an implements round with each gentleman giving each lady 12 strokes. After a break for lemon drizzle cake and more drinks, we had a speed spanking round followed by 8 strokes of the cane each from each gent. That’s normally where the party would finish but Frankie loves being caned and felt she hadn’t had enough, so decided to go round again and get another 8 strokes from each gent!!! Of course nobody was complaining haha. Finally, she asked me to give her 8 strokes so I made sure she felt them 🙂 Unfortunately most of the photos we took didn’t come out very well so only 1 photo this time, but I can assure you a brilliant night was had by all!