Flying High

I held a spanking party on Friday evening , the lovely Maxine and I were dressed as sexy air hostesses, you don’t get outfits like that on British Airways heehee!

We started with a delicious buffet and welcome drinks and then it was over the knees of our 6 gents for a warm up round of handspanking. After a quick break we then received 12 strokes of an implement from each gent, which was lots of fun with the lambswool paddle being a firm favourite once again 🙂

After a break for a rather splendid lemon drizzle cake, it was speed spanking time. Then the grand finale, 8 strokes of the cane from each gentleman. Wow, our bottoms were red! What a brilliant time we had. The events of the past year and a half have certainly made us appreciate being able to have fun again 🙂

Broadstairs Photos Part 2

I’ve had a brilliant week with lots of lovely spankings! We actually had some warm sunshine in London, 4 whole days of it! Anyone who knows me will know I love the sun and getting tanned heehee 🙂 I was sunbathing at Canary Wharf in my bikini and one of the security guards came over to ask me if I was ok as I hadn’t moved for such a long time! I assured him I was fine, it was so funny 🙂

As promised here are the rest of the photos from my recent trip to Broadstairs, I hope you like them.

Weekend in Broadstairs

I’ve just returned from a lovely weekend staying near the sea in sunny Broadstairs. The house we rented was a splendid Edwardian themed villa. It had a lovely little garden and it was actually warm enough to sunbathe in my bikini for a whole 2 hours 🙂

I had a wonderful time walking on the beach and eating out in gorgeous restaurants. I was only there for 2 nights and it didn’t seem long at all, but I managed to take some photos. It would have been a shame not to with such a stunning home as the backdrop! Here’s a preview, with more photos to follow next week 🙂

Latex and Raincoats

What an exciting week I’ve had! I picked up my new custom made latex top and have taken a few photos for you 🙂 Of course I’ve been promised a spanking for spending such a ridiculous amount of money on an item of clothing, I never seem to learn my lesson heehee.

I also did a photoshoot for a private client with the lovely Leia Ann Woods and sexy Katherina, where we wore rain macs and spanked each other, what a lot of fun we had! Let’s hope I don’t need my raincoat for my upcoming break in Broadstairs, I’m being optimistic and packing my bikini 🙂

The Return of the Spanking Party

I can’t tell you how happy I am to report that ‘Freedom Day’ in England means that we can now attend big spanking parties again, hoorah!! It’s been a bit of a crazy week with not one but two brilliant spanking parties to attend! The first was the 2 Kings summer spectacular party on Tuesday with a beachwear babes theme and the second was the fabulous Bottoms Up party run by my friend Leia Ann Woods on Thursday, with a country and western theme. Not surprisingly I had the shortest shorts heehee 🙂

Lots of fun was had by all at both parties and hats off to Leia who took a cold caning at the beginning of her party, 6 strokes from 18 gentlemen, wow!! The rest of us took the same number of strokes (108!) but after a 5 minute over the knee session and an implement from each gent. I was joined at Leia’s party by Donna, Maxine, Lucy Jones and lovely new girl Emma. Thank you to all the gentlemen who were lovely, and understood that our limits weren’t quite what they used to be after such a long break!

Hot, Hot, Hot!

What an amazing week I’ve had! Not only is the weather hot but my bottom is too 🙂 I saw my very sexy friend Miss Brown not once, but twice this week and we had lots of fun doing a couple of 221 sessions.

The first was a school scenario where a very naughty boy and I were called to the Headmistress’ office and asked if we knew anything about some missing exam papers. We both denied it and were duly spanked and paddled by Miss Brown. The school secretary then called to say that the papers had been found in the naughty boy’s locker, and he had watched me take a punishment knowing that it was him all along! Needless to say, Miss Brown proceeded to give him the hardest caning of his life and then I was told to strap him. We finished with a double caning, as Miss Brown is left handed and I’m right handed. He had a very sore bottom indeed and it was so much fun haha 🙂

Then on Friday night I had my CP party at Canary wharf, with the lovely Jess Kane. Luckily the theme was bikinis as it was hot, hot, hot! The chilled prosecco was flowing and we had lots of breaks for refreshments. After a lovely over the knee spanking round, we received 12 strokes with various implements from the 6 lovely gents present. After a nice break and more prosecco we warmed up again with some speed spanking and then 6 strokes of the cane from each gent. Our bottoms were very red and stripey!! What a brilliant end to a brilliant week 🙂 I’m looking forward to another good week with the 2 Kings summer spectacular party on Tuesday and Bottoms Up on Thursday, hooray!!

Hot Tub and Party News

It’s been a grey and rainy day in London so to brighten things up, here is a photo of me in the hot tub on my recent staycation in Somerset 🙂

Following Boris’ announcement on Monday delaying the final stage of England’s roadmap out of lockdown, Leia has had to postpone her Bottoms Up party until 22nd July. That week will be a busy one as I will be attending the 2 Kings summer beachwear babes party on 20th July and Bottoms Up on the 22nd! I’m also doing a small warm up party on Friday 16th July with the lovely Jess, what fun! I will have to make sure that my bottom gets plenty of practice before then haha 🙂

St Trinian’s Reunion Party

Finally, it’s time to party again!! Friday night was my first spanking party since September, and what a party it was! Everyone was so excited to be back and Jadie and I dressed in our raunchiest schoolgirl outfits complete with fishnet stockings. It was a warm night so the blouses didn’t last long anyway haha.

I was a little worried that I would have forgotten how to run a party, it’s been so long! Everything went like clockwork though and no one had lost their touch when it came to spanking, caning and using the implements! We started the night with copious quantities of prosecco , wine and beer as we were all very thirsty 🙂 and of course a delicious buffet. Then it was a round of over the knee handspanking, followed by various implements. After a break to cool down (our bottoms were so HOT!) we proceeded with some speed spanking and then, of course, 6 of the cane from each gentleman. Then Jadie and I gave each other 6 strokes each with the cane as the grand finale . What red bottoms we had! It was so much fun and I’m so happy that we are finally allowed to party again, I’ve missed it so much 🙂

Staycation in Somerset

I returned on Monday from a Staycation in stunning Somerset. I was staying in a lakeside lodge with beautiful views and it’s own secluded hot tub! Needless to say there was lots of drinking prosecco and spanking fun in the hot tub!

It’s hard to believe now that the sun is shining, but the weather was horrendous with torrential rain and gale force winds on 3 out of the 4 days we were there. On Saturday it was actually sunny but still cold, so we did a photo shoot by the lake. Hopefully you can’t see my goosebumps 🙂 I was putting my winter coat on to keep warm between shots but at least I could go in the hot tub afterwards to warm up!

Spring is here

There is an air of optimism in London, the sun is shining; shops, gyms, hairdressers and beer gardens have reopened and I’m happy to report that once again I have a warm bottom 🙂 I’m now well and truly back in the swing of doing 121 sessions, hoorah! I’m doing everything I can to keep my lovely clients and myself safe including sanitising all equipment and surfaces, handwashing, temperature checks and doing regular covid self testing at home.

I had a lovely week last week and after upgrading my lighting equipment, was lucky enough to have a lesson in photography lighting from one of my lovely clients who used to manage a photographic studio. His expertise has proved invaluable 🙂 I’m also going to be upgrading my photographic and video equipment very soon and will be celebrating by shooting lots of new material, watch this space for details!

I went on a lovely picnic at the weekend and drank some jugs of Pimms by the river with some friends and neighbours. What a fabulous way to spend a sunny afternoon! I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and staying fit and healthy and hopefully I will see you very soon 🙂