Ascot Ladies Party

I did a rather fabulous party for my gorgeous friend Jenny Red on Friday. The theme was Ascot Ladies and we looked rather smart in our posh frocks and feathery hats, though the hats only stayed on for about 5 minutes! It was a lovely sunny day so before we started we had drinks in the garden in the sunshine. Then it was over the gentlemen’s knees for the first round of spanking.

After a break for a particularly scrummy lunch and some prosecco, we resumed with some speed spanking. Then the 5 gents used various implements on our bottoms, 12 strokes from each gent. We then got 8 strokes from each gent with the cane, our bottoms were lovely, red and striped! For the finale Jen and I caned each other which was lots of fun. What a brilliant time we all had 🙂

Red Hot Bottom in the Sauna

I have just added another film to my Clips4sale and Manyvids sites. This was the first time I’ve ever been spanked in a sauna and it wasn’t just my bottom that was hot 🙂

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Delayed Departure

I have just added another video from the recent shoot I did with Jessica to both my clips4sale and Manyvids websites.

This is a very rare opportunity to see me spanking Jessica as she usually takes the dominant role when we are filming. She plays the part of a submissive air hostess perfectly, and her fully fashioned seamed stockings show off her shapely legs and bottom to perfection. Her delectable bottom ends up very red indeed with some vivid stripes on it. After I’d caned her and the cameras stopped rolling her words were “Wow, you really went for it on the caning!” Heehee 🙂

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Girls Night In

I had a lovely evening on Friday with my kinky redhead friend Jessica. We did some more filming and there was prosecco, popcorn and a pillow fight involved as well as very red bottoms, what fun! I have added one of the clips ‘Girls Night In’ to both my clips4sale and Manyvids.

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Club Derriere

This was not just any spanking party, this was a Club Derriere spanking party and what a party it was! Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to be invited to attend a Club Derriere party at a wonderful location near Woking. A beautiful old detached house and gardens were ours for the day and made the perfect backdrop for some kinky fun 🙂 The theme was Mods and Rockers, the 1960’s, so of course I went as a rocker!

Along with the lovely Jess Kane and Rebecca May, there were only 3 guests so an amazing 1 to 1 ratio meant that every gentleman got lots of time with each Lady. Our host, a lovely man called Mark cooked us a delicious sit down lunch. A couple of the gents were celebrating their birthdays and Mark had got them the most amazing birthday cakes! It was great to sit around the big dining table and get to know everyone. We started with 2 lovely rounds of over the knee spanking with everyone in the same room, followed by some implements and then the cane. Then we all went off to other rooms for some 121 time. I ended up in the living room over 1 gentleman’s knee for over 40 minutes which I loved 🙂

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The Return of Diane

Some of you may remember my lovely friend Diane who I introduced to spanking just before we went into the first lockdown. Then every time I booked her for a spanking party another lockdown happened! Needless to say I was a little nervous of booking her again, but last week we finally managed to do a spanking party together, hoorah! I have to say she was well worth the wait 🙂

We did a spanking practice session the week before the party with 2 of my lovely gents, where we had lots of fun reacquainting Diane with spanking and the various implements. Considering she hadn’t been spanked for 2 years, she was magnificent and took the cane well! The party was last Friday and the theme was sexy secretaries, with very short skirts and stockings of course. On arrival our 5 gentlemen were greeted with prosecco, wine, beer and even ginger ale 🙂 as well as a delicious hot buffet which included my now famous home made sausage rolls 🙂

Then the spanking fun began with a nice lengthy OTK handspanking from each gent with lots of bottom rubs. Then we had 12 strokes from each gent with various implements, Diane’s favourite seemed to be the slipper. After a break for more refreshments and lemon drizzle cake, we resumed with a round of speed spanking to warm us up for the cane. We took 8 strokes each from each gent and Diane did brilliantly.

Diane and I are available for 221 spanking sessions, to respectful gentlemen who are known to me. She is still very new to the scene and her limits are a little lower than other Ladies. Please email me for further details if you are interested.

Late with the Rent

My sexy redhead friend Miss Jessica Hyde came over to my flat to do some filming last week. ‘Late with the Rent’ is the first clip we filmed. Jessica puts me over her knee for a prolonged handspanking and then she uses a very stingy hairbrush on my already red bottom! I love being spanked by Jessica, what fun we had! The clip is a whole 22 minutes long.

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Spanking Again!

Last Tuesday I had my first spanking and caning for over 2 weeks due to having had Covid. I’m now fully recovered and enjoying having a warm bottom again! As you can see from the photo, my bottom was very red and striped after my first caning 🙂 Thank you to everyone who came to see me last week, it was a lovely first week back and you were all very kind.

Extra Tuition

The final video from the shoot I did with Amelia Jane Rutherford has now been added to both my clips4sale store and my Manyvids store.

I was behind the camera on this one which I enjoyed immensely, although not quite as much as being spanked haha 🙂

Amelia Jane Rutherford plays the part of a spoiled English heiress whose parents have hired a tutor to help her with her studies, but she is more interested in taking selfies than working! Needless to say, her tutor decides that corporal punishment is his only option to get through to his spoiled pupil 🙂

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Naughty Nurses Party

Friday night was party night at Canary Wharf, and what a brilliant night it was! Frankie and I dressed as naughty nurses in very short uniforms complete with black fishnet stockings and sexy lingerie. When everyone arrived we had prosecco, wine, and some delicious food to get the party started! My home made sausage rolls went down a storm once again 🙂

There were only 5 gents, but they were all very good at spanking and we had a lovely long round of over the knee. This was followed by 12 strokes with various implements from each gent. The flogger was a very popular choice as were the various straps and paddles available. After a break for lemon drizzle cake and more liquid refreshments we had another round of over the knee followed by the long awaited cane! This being Frankie’s favourite implement, I caught her trying to persuade people to give her more than the allotted 8 strokes each. Was she successful? I’m not sure, I lost count haha 🙂