London Marathon

It was the London Marathon last weekend and despite a bit of a hangover after a wild Saturday night I was up bright and early to go down and support my friend Adrian. The atmosphere was, as always, electric and the weather was perfect. I trained Adrian for this marathon and he’s lost 24kg since his last marathon 2 years ago. I joked that if he went too slowly I would run behind him with a cane but I didn’t need to!!! 🙂 He was absolutely delighted with his time of 5 hours 58 mins which was over 40 mins faster than his previous personal best!

Team Adrian did brilliantly at cheering haha and afterwards it was back to mine for some well deserved spaghetti bolognese and champagne 🙂 Then to my local pub for the afterparty, where we met some other marathoners and celebrated until closing time 🙂 Well done Adrian, what an amazing achievement! We are all very proud of you. xxx


Murder Mile Studio Shoot

I had a very exciting day yesterday doing the first of 2 shoots at the famous Murder Mile studios in East London. You may have seen Joe Pasquale being tied to the wheel of misfortune here and whipped by a dominatrix on the Bill Nighy show recently!

I decided it was about time I shot some new photos for my website, so here’s a sneak preview. I will be doing another shoot next week and the full galleries will be available to view in May/June. I hope you like them 🙂 xxx




Sexy Secretaries

I hosted a CP party on Friday evening and what a party it was! Myself and the very sexy Jessica were dressed as sexy secretaries. We began the evening looking quite respectable, haha 😉 That didn’t last for long though as the pencil skirts were soon removed and our panties pulled down for a round of over the knee spanking!

The 6 lovely gents present then proceeded to use various implements on our lovely pink bottoms. There was quite a selection to choose from with paddles, crops, straps, hairbrush, slipper and 2 firm favourites: the lambswool paddle and the flogger.

After a break for some delicious food and of course, some champagne, play resumed with a round of speed spanking closely followed by 8 strokes of the cane each for myself and Jessica from each gent. It was a brilliant evening with lots of great banter and our bottoms were a lovely shade of red 🙂

Jessica was going to a club afterwards in a rather spectacular outfit which I just had to get a photo of! 🙂 Enjoy xxx

Dangerous Driving



Yesterday I attended my first ever Femdom party and what a lot of fun it was! Myself and Miss Parker were in charge of punishing 3 naughty men who had been caught committing various driving offences including stopping and having a nap in the Blackwall tunnel, using a mobile phone whilst driving and speeding! Given the option of points on their license and a fine or being punished, guess which option they chose?!

Miss Parker and I administered over the knee spankings to all the gents and then proceeded to redden their bottoms using a variety of implements. She certainly has an impressive collection of paddles, straps and canes! There were some very red and stripey bottoms by the end of the afternoon 🙂




Just another Crazy Night

Friday night I hosted a CP party at Canary Wharf. With myself, the gorgeous Jenny Red (who has just returned from a holiday in Thailand and looked very tanned) and my beautiful friend Katarina dressed in frilly french maid costumes it was a crazy night indeed!

We started proceedings with champagne, beer and wine as well as some lovely food so everyone could relax and get into the party spirit 🙂 Then it was a round of wonderful hand spanking to get our bottoms nice and warm before the implements. There were 9 gents present and each one gave each Lady 12 strokes with an implement. There were lots of implements to choose from and the floggers and lambswool paddle were popular as always but the hairbrush, straps, crops and tawse also got used.

Next it was time for a break, copious amounts of champagne were drunk and there was a very jolly atmosphere indeed, there was even some dancing 🙂

Then it was back to the job in hand, a quickfire round of speed spanking followed by 6 strokes of the cane each from each of the gents. Lovely bright pink bottoms were the result and a brilliant night was had by all 🙂







Valentines Spanking Quiz

It’s been a crazy week indeed with lots of spankings as well as a party for 2 Kings at their fabulous new Headquarters in Canning Town, which was a lot of fun!

Last Friday night I hosted a Valentines lingerie party with my gorgeous friend Foxy. One of my gents writes Pub Quizzes, so we decided to do something different and he produced a pub quiz with the girls answering the questions and for every question we got wrong we got 6 with an implement from every guy present, haha!!

After starting with the usual scrumptious buffet and champagne, we began with an otk hand spanking round to warm up our bottoms! It’s a good job we did as the questions were much more difficult than we anticipated, and after we got 4 questions each in a row wrong, the guys took pity on us and helped us with the answers 🙂 Our bottoms were very red after the implements round with us getting 36 strokes each from each of the 5 gents present with various implements including crops, paddles, straps and the hairbrush 🙂

After a break for refreshments, we resumed with a speed spanking round before the caning quiz round 🙂 There were 10 questions each, with 2 strokes of the cane for each incorrect answer, luckily the gents were still helping us haha. Even so, I managed to get 4 questions wrong and Foxy got 5 questions wrong earning me 8 strokes of the cane from each gent and Foxy 10 strokes of the cane from each gent. It was a brilliant evening and lots of fun and our bottoms were very warm and pink!! 🙂

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