Going Bananas in Amsterdam

I went to Amsterdam last weekend for the first time ever and what a wild weekend it was! Needless to say we spent most of our time in the red light district, some of the ladies in the windows had very nice bottoms 🙂 A fantastic rock bar called Excalibur soon became our favourite haunt and played great music. We’d heard a lot about a strip club called the banana bar but I was disappointed that there were no bananas in sight 🙂

The ladies in there seemed to take great delight in spanking every male who paid them for a dance and we saw one gent being strapped with his own belt, there were a few sore bottoms before the end of the night! Unfortunately no photos were allowed. On Monday morning we did the canal cruise so at least I saw somewhere other than the red light district 🙂  A 4 hour flight delay coming home on Monday was a bit of a pain especially while still recovering from an all nighter heehee.


Rock Chicks Reunion

It was one of the wildest ever spanking parties on Friday when the very sexy Jadie made a welcome return to Canary Wharf for my rock chicks party. Jadie and I used to go to all the rock clubs together many years ago and I’d lost touch with her until just before Christmas when I bumped into her at a party 🙂

The evening began with copious quantities of prosecco, wine, beer and food and then once everyone was in the party mood Jadie and I went over the knees of each of the 6 gentlemen for a lovely round of handspanking. Then the implements round with 12 strokes each from each gent with the flogger, paddles, strap and hairbrush being popular choices. Time for a break, during which we had more refreshments and Jadie was being very naughty bringing in my cuddly toys from the other room and putting them in compromising positions and purposely ripping her fishnet stockings!

The speed spanking round was next and then 8 strokes of the cane each from each gentleman, with Jadie receiving extra strokes from one of the gents who she’d spilled prosecco all over when she’d jumped on his knee at the very start of the party 🙂 What a night and what red bottoms we had 🙂