Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone and what an exciting week it’s been! I did a session with my sexy friend Miss Brown last Wednesday, my only complaint being that she didn’t spank me haha! The gentleman that we sessioned with wanted us both to punish him, which was great fun and after spanking and strapping him we finished with our famous double caning, ouch!! He did also give me a playful over the knee spanking but only for a few minutes and it was to give us a reason to punish him 🙂

On Saturday night I went on a night out to a prison themed cocktail bar in Covent Garden called Alcotraz, it was so much fun! We dressed up in orange jumpsuits and my 5 ‘cell mates’ and I drank very strong cocktails with bottles of liquor which we ‘smuggled’ in! The actors playing the prison guards and inmates running the bar didn’t quite know what to make of us, we kept shouting ‘spank her’ when the lovely female guard got into trouble heehee. As an added bonus one of my female cell mates expressed an interest in the spanking scene when I was talking to her about what I do. Watch this space, fingers crossed we may have a new spankee coming soon 🙂



Sexy Secretaries and a Birthday

It was a fantastic party at Canary Wharf on Friday evening with myself and saucy redhead Jessica dressed as sexy secretaries. My outfit was a blue satin blouse, a very short black satin mini skirt and fully fashioned black seamed nylon stockings. Jessica was as naughty as ever in a dark red top, pencil skirt, black lace top stockings and of course heels.

The party started as always with plenty of wine, beers and bubbly and a delicious buffet and then it was straight into the first round of over the knee spanking. Lots of fun was had by all and after a quick break we started the implements round. The 6 gents all gave us 12 strokes each with various implements. The flogger, slipper, purple strap and lambswool paddle were all popular choices. Time for some refreshments and a delicious lemon drizzle cake as we had a gentleman with a birthday that day, what a way to celebrate!

Fully refreshed we resumed with a round of speed spanking to warm us up for the cane, lots of fun! Then 8 strokes of the cane from each gentleman, we both had fantastically vivid red stripes! My parties aren’t normally switch parties but the gentleman whose birthday it was had to have a birthday caning, it would be rude to say how old he was, but suffice to say that the stripes on his bottom were spectacular 🙂


Oktoberfest Party

I’ve just got home from a brilliant day at the Bottoms Up Oktoberfest party. I was joined by Donna, Kandy, Katerina, Nikita, JJ and of course our wonderful hostess for the day Leia Ann Woods. Great to see lots of familiar faces as well as a few new ones. As always it was lots of fun and very well organised and Leia provided us all with matching outfits.  With 20 gents spanking, paddling and caning our bottoms they were very red by the end of the day haha. There was still a bit of time for socialising and drinking prosecco and even a bit of switching at the end, what a day it was!

Tomorrow I’m going to do it all again as I have my own party with sexy redhead Jessica, watch this space for photos and a full report next week!



Back from my Hols

I returned late Sunday night from a fantastic week in lovely Lindos on the island of Rhodes. The weather was a perfect 26c to 28c every day, so I managed to top up my tan, hoorah! It was a week full of surprises, I was woken at 7.44am one morning and the earth was literally moving! Turns out it was an earthquake measuring 5.1 on the Richter scale, luckily no damage was done.

The following evening we went to our favourite restaurant for dinner and as the waiter was opening our bottle of prosecco it literally exploded in mid air, broken glass and spilt prosecco everywhere! I did joke about getting a straw but luckily he went and got us another bottle haha.

Great news when I came back, I found that while I was away the rather fabulous new sofa has been installed at my venue and I can definitely vouch for the fact that it’s much more comfortable for over the knee spanking, for both the spanker and the spankee! 🙂

It was straight back to being spanked on Monday morning as I had a 221 session with my lovely friend Arielle. She rarely gets spanked these days as she prefers the dominant role but as I’m her very good friend she let me give her a bare bottom spanking, her peachy bottom was a lovely shade of pink 🙂 Of course she then returned the favour by giving me a wonderful over the knee spanking. Our gentleman did, of course, get spanked by both of us, as well as taking a flogging and 12 strokes of the cane. What a wonderful start to my first week back, I’m looking forward to plenty more spanking fun this week, hooray!