Hot in the City


With London in the middle of a heatwave and temperatures today hitting 35c, luckily it wasn’t quite so hot on Friday evening for my spanking party! Myself and the lovely Ivy were appropriately dressed in our bikinis and the 6 wonderful gentlemen at the party made sure that our bottoms were red hot by the end of the evening!

A round of over the knee handspanking soon broke the ice, and was followed by an implements round where we received a variety of implements including paddles, straps, slipper, riding crop and the flogger. After a break for food, drink and to cool down, haha 🙂 we resumed with a round of speed spanking. We then concluded a wonderful evening with 8 strokes of the cane from each gentleman present. What a lovely way to end the week 🙂


My holiday snaps

It seems a long time since my holiday in Barcelona, but as promised here are some of my holiday photos.

The first 7 days I was at Villanova, around one hour from Barcelona, on a very well organised classic rock holiday. My little chalet was lovely and with Rock gigs almost every night, it was one long party! I even managed to fit in a little bit of spanking 😉

I then moved to a fabulous 5 star hotel in Barcelona itself for 4 nights, where I did some sightseeing. Sagrada Familia was as amazing as expected and I also did the open air bus tour then spent the final day sunbathing on the fabulous Barcelonetta beach 😎

I had a wonderful time but after 11 days away was definitely ready to come home and get my bottom warmed again! 😊IMAG0875