Miss Kendal’s PE Lesson

I’m sitting on a rather sore bottom today after filming yesterday for the lovely Miss Svensson πŸ™‚ Β Her website http://www.wellsmackedseat.com already features a film I did with Jadie Reece a couple of years ago, entitled ‘Sound of Music’

Back to yesterday, myself and the gorgeous Susie Li had been arguing in the gymnastics class and were caught by the delightfully strict PE mistress Miss Kendal. Needless to say we were soundly punished and received a lesson that neither of us will forget in a hurry!

After a sound spanking and several implements including the gym shoe, strap and several paddles, the caning finale was quite spectacular! Miss Svensson was looking for an unusual position for the final caning. Inspired by my childhood gymnastics classes, and how agile Susie Li obviously is, I came up with a position we called “The Aeroplane” Both myself and Susie Li were caned in this position and our bottoms ended up extremely red and stripey! Hope you enjoy the photos πŸ™‚ xxx

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Valentines Party Fun in Nuneaton

I’ve just returned from Nuneaton where I attended the Central Spanking Valentines Party. What a fantastic day! Myself, Chloe, Kandy, Sophie and Faye all dressed in sexy stockings and lingerie, not forgetting the formidable and very sexy Miss Hastings-Gore who did a fabulous job of punishing the naughty boys who were brave enough to switch.

First of all, a round of handspanking, and with 16 gents our bottoms were soon rosy red and warm! A good job too as it was a cold day and I must confess that I put my fluffy jumper on at lunchtime, funnily enough it went down well with the gents, who said I was very cuddly in it!

6 strokes for each girl with the strap from each gentleman followed by time for switching. Then finally 6 of the cane from each gent which made a total of 96 strokes and ensured that I was sitting uncomfortably on the train all the way back to London, heehee πŸ™‚

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The Headmistress will see you now!

I’ve been having a lovely week and my bottom is a wonderful shade of pink! I also visited the Schoolroom in Hertfordshire last Thursday to punish a very naughty boy. He was sent to see the Headmistress for various misdemeanours and ended up taking 200 strokes of the cane in total, a school record, and very well deserved!

The Headmistress is very strict with naughty boys!

The Headmistress is very strict with naughty boys!