The Smallest White Bit in Lanzarote

I’ve just returned from a fantastic week in Lanzarote. The weather was glorious and we had our own villa with a private pool. Needless to say my bikini was the smallest in Lanzarote with a white bit to match 🙂

After a whole week with no spanking (a record for me!) my bottom is well rested and can’t wait to be spanked again! I’ve spoken to my bessie mate, the luscious Samantha Jones aka Jonesy who tells me that she has also taken time off during term time and needs to be punished! Given the number of holidays I take I’m sure she will reciprocate and that we’ll both have red bottoms very soon 🙂 watch this space…….IMG_20150507_191703660 IMG_20150507_191731649 IMG_20150507_191739004

Slave Training

After last week’s wild weekend I decided I needed a quiet one this week to recharge my batteries! I did the champagne experience on the London eye which was fantastic, but sadly, didn’t involve any spanking!

Also spoke to my lovely friend Xela Xaste (do have a look at her excellent website and she was delighted to hear that 2 of the clips we did together, entitled Slave Training 1 and 2 are in my top bestselling clips of all time on my clips4sale site. It’s one of my favourite clips as I get to be VERY submissive and the chemistry between us is electric! Check out the clips by clicking on the links below:

Slave Training – Part 1:
Slave Training – Part 2:

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My Great Californian Spanking Adventure Part 3: Naughty in Napa

The day after my blistering paddling I spent too much time sunbathing by the pool and then drank too much champagne on the wine train (will I never learn?!)

Drinking champagne on the wine train

Drinking champagne on the wine train

sent to my room!

sent to my room!

Needless to say George decided that I should be given a punishment that I would remember on the long journey back to London and what a punishment it was! A sound over the knee spanking was swiftly followed by the paddle, crop, flogger and the most feared of all George’s implements (other than the cane) the razor strop. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of feeling the razor strop across your buttocks it’s a long double thickness leather strap, and really packs a punch! I was sent upstairs to my room with a red hot bottom afterwards to pack for my flight home. Thank you George for a wonderful week, I really did have the time of my life 🙂