Sunshine, Spanking and Safety

It’s been a lovely week here in London, gloriously hot and sunny, so I managed to put my bikini on and work on my tan a little 🙂 It’s been a tough 3 months but with lockdown restrictions starting to ease there is light at the end of the tunnel with many businesses able to reopen from 4th July.

I will be restarting spanking sessions from Tuesday 7th July. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to make sessions as safe as possible for both myself and my lovely clients and here is what I’ve come up with:

  • Enhanced cleaning of my venue, I will personally wipe down all high touch surfaces eg door handles etc. as well as implements before and after every session.
  • It is requested that all visitors wash their hands immediately on arrival at the venue. Hand sanitisers are also available.
  • To begin with, I will be seeing a maximum of 1 client per day to minimise risk.
  • If you are uncomfortable travelling on public transport, car parking is available. A parking permit is required which I can arrange for you in advance at a cost of £6 per day. If you do travel by public transport, the tube is currently fairly empty provided you avoid peak times. A face mask is required on public transport.
  • You must cancel your session if you or anyone in your household has any symptoms which might be Covid 19.
  • If you have any concerns that I haven’t addressed please don’t hesitate to contact me.


I absolutely cannot wait to have a warm bottom again! If you would like to book a session please contact me as soon as possible by email to avoid disappointment. As I’m only seeing 1 person per day I anticipate getting booked up fairly quickly!


Lockdown Life

I hope everyone is safe and well and doing ok in these strange and unprecedented times! I’m getting used to life on lockdown and spending my time catching up with jobs at home, baking and exercising so I don’t get fat from all my home made cakes haha. I even managed to do a photo shoot last week while still respecting social distancing. It felt great to get dressed up so I will be doing some more photos for you soon 🙂

It’s always lovely to hear from my clients, many of whom I count amongst my close friends, so keep the emails and messages coming 🙂 Even though we can’t do sessions at the moment, I’m optimistic that it won’t be too long before life slowly starts to return to normal. In the meantime stay safe and in good health, enjoy the sunshine if you can and keep your spirits up. I look forward to seeing you soon 🙂 xxx



Caning Training

My gorgeous friend Diane came over on Thursday evening along with 2 of the lovely gentlemen who attend my parties, for a 222 session to get Diane used to being spanked, strapped and caned as she will be joining us for my March party 🙂

It was a lovely relaxed evening with a drop of prosecco for us and some merlot for the gentlemen to help things along! Diane and I were dressed as sexy secretaries in short skirts, satin blouses, fishnet stockings and heels. We had a lovely long over the knee handspanking each from both gents and then we tried out several different implements so Diane could get a feel for what they are like. After a break for refreshments, we did another round of OTK and then we each took 12 of the cane from each gentleman.

Diane did brilliantly considering it’s only her 2nd session and we’re all looking forward very much to seeing her at my March party 🙂


Ooh La La

It was my spanking party on Friday evening with myself, Kandy and Ivy dressed as sexy french maids in very short frilly outfits, with black panties, stockings and heels. What a party it was!

Our 7 gents arrived in a timely fashion to partake of some prosecco, wine and beer and some delicious food to get the party started! Then it was over their knees for some lovely hand spanking followed by a round with various implements. Many thanks to the lovely Ivy for turning up at very short notice to help out as a ‘half girl’ as we had an extra gent. This doesn’t mean that we cut her in half but that she just did the first half of the party, which she did brilliantly and then went on her merry way.

Half time meant more refreshments and some Victoria sponge cake while Kandy picked me up, threw me around and then got lipstick on my bottom. Lots of fun haha.

Then it was time for some speed spanking before receiving 8 strokes of the cane from each gentleman. We had extremely red and stripey bottoms and a great time was had by all 🙂    DSC00874DSC00877DSC00884









A New Girl and RIP Mr Whippy!

Some of you may remember that one of my sexy cell mates in Alcotraz back in October had expressed an interest in spanking. Well tonight we had a lovely session with 2 of my most trusted and lovely gentlemen who gave her a gentle introduction to the world of CP 🙂

We started with some gentle over the knee spanking which she certainly seemed to enjoy 🙂 and then the gents tried out a few of their favourite implements including the flogger, the fluffy lambswool paddle, slipper, strap and the hand of doom 🙂

After a break for prosecco we resumed with some more over the knee and then the dreaded cane, which I know she was a little nervous about! She took 12 strokes really well and we very much hope to see her again at one of my parties next year.

Other news is that my much loved cane, Mr Whippy, broke last night after more than 12 years service, but that’s another story! I’m just glad that it didn’t break on the new girl’s bottom 🙂 DSC00819DSC00813DSC00816

2 Kings Christmas Party

Yesterday I attended the 2 Kings Christmas party, which is the biggest and craziest spanking party on the scene! With over 30 gents attending and too many girls to mention, it was the usual rather chaotic fun 🙂 Jadie, Melissa, Maxine, Wynter, Donna, Chloe, Lucy Jones, Frankie, Sally and many other lovely Ladies were there 🙂

We started with a long round of over the knee spanking and then during the lunch break we were entertained by a very classy burlesque act from the beautiful Tora Rose dressed as a french maid. There was also a stunning girl called Slave Oslo who got caned on stage in aid of cancer research, raising an impressive £180 for the charity and getting some impressive stripes for her effort!

After lunch it was free play time, so whoever you wanted to spank/flog/strap/cane you could do so. Lots of fun was had and I managed to get round a good percentage of the gents there, being spanked, paddled as well as dishing out a few canings along the way! 🙂DSC00807DSC00810DSC00804

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone and what an exciting week it’s been! I did a session with my sexy friend Miss Brown last Wednesday, my only complaint being that she didn’t spank me haha! The gentleman that we sessioned with wanted us both to punish him, which was great fun and after spanking and strapping him we finished with our famous double caning, ouch!! He did also give me a playful over the knee spanking but only for a few minutes and it was to give us a reason to punish him 🙂

On Saturday night I went on a night out to a prison themed cocktail bar in Covent Garden called Alcotraz, it was so much fun! We dressed up in orange jumpsuits and my 5 ‘cell mates’ and I drank very strong cocktails with bottles of liquor which we ‘smuggled’ in! The actors playing the prison guards and inmates running the bar didn’t quite know what to make of us, we kept shouting ‘spank her’ when the lovely female guard got into trouble heehee. As an added bonus one of my female cell mates expressed an interest in the spanking scene when I was talking to her about what I do. Watch this space, fingers crossed we may have a new spankee coming soon 🙂



Sexy Secretaries and a Birthday

It was a fantastic party at Canary Wharf on Friday evening with myself and saucy redhead Jessica dressed as sexy secretaries. My outfit was a blue satin blouse, a very short black satin mini skirt and fully fashioned black seamed nylon stockings. Jessica was as naughty as ever in a dark red top, pencil skirt, black lace top stockings and of course heels.

The party started as always with plenty of wine, beers and bubbly and a delicious buffet and then it was straight into the first round of over the knee spanking. Lots of fun was had by all and after a quick break we started the implements round. The 6 gents all gave us 12 strokes each with various implements. The flogger, slipper, purple strap and lambswool paddle were all popular choices. Time for some refreshments and a delicious lemon drizzle cake as we had a gentleman with a birthday that day, what a way to celebrate!

Fully refreshed we resumed with a round of speed spanking to warm us up for the cane, lots of fun! Then 8 strokes of the cane from each gentleman, we both had fantastically vivid red stripes! My parties aren’t normally switch parties but the gentleman whose birthday it was had to have a birthday caning, it would be rude to say how old he was, but suffice to say that the stripes on his bottom were spectacular 🙂


Oktoberfest Party

I’ve just got home from a brilliant day at the Bottoms Up Oktoberfest party. I was joined by Donna, Kandy, Katerina, Nikita, JJ and of course our wonderful hostess for the day Leia Ann Woods. Great to see lots of familiar faces as well as a few new ones. As always it was lots of fun and very well organised and Leia provided us all with matching outfits.  With 20 gents spanking, paddling and caning our bottoms they were very red by the end of the day haha. There was still a bit of time for socialising and drinking prosecco and even a bit of switching at the end, what a day it was!

Tomorrow I’m going to do it all again as I have my own party with sexy redhead Jessica, watch this space for photos and a full report next week!