Caning Training

My gorgeous friend Diane came over on Thursday evening along with 2 of the lovely gentlemen who attend my parties, for a 222 session to get Diane used to being spanked, strapped and caned as she will be joining us for my March party 🙂

It was a lovely relaxed evening with a drop of prosecco for us and some merlot for the gentlemen to help things along! Diane and I were dressed as sexy secretaries in short skirts, satin blouses, fishnet stockings and heels. We had a lovely long over the knee handspanking each from both gents and then we tried out several different implements so Diane could get a feel for what they are like. After a break for refreshments, we did another round of OTK and then we each took 12 of the cane from each gentleman.

Diane did brilliantly considering it’s only her 2nd session and we’re all looking forward very much to seeing her at my March party 🙂


2 thoughts on “Caning Training

  1. Alzeee says:

    As always Sam – looking fantastic – as you know love the blue satin and the black skirt – might be in touch end of April – you never know… xxx

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