Bottoms Up

Last Thursday I had a wonderful day at the Bottoms Up party. The theme was sexy secretaries and the party was brilliantly organised, as always, by my gorgeous friend Leia Ann Woods. Jenny Red, Wynter and Donna were also there and, as usual, looking stunning and on great form.

The day began with Leia taking a cold caning, 6 strokes from each of the 19 gents present, ouch!! Then it was time for each gent to get a mini 121 session lasting 5 minutes with each Lady. All the gents present were lovely and very good at over the knee spanking and we had some very interesting conversations too.

After a break to eat lunch and quaff prosecco, we continued with our spankings until we’d been over the knee of all 19 gents, most of them finished off their mini session by using an implement such as the paddle or flogger too. Then we took it in turns to bend over a stool at the front and receive 6 of the cane from each of the 19 gents present, luckily they were all quite kind and didn’t cane us too hard! There was even a little bit of time for switching at the end.  What a fantastic day was had by all 🙂


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