First Class Fun

Inspired by the sexy cabin crew on my flight back from Gran Canaria, Ivy and I dressed as air hostesses for my spanking party on Friday night. It was lots of fun as always. We started proceedings with plenty of champagne, beer and wine and some delicious food to get everyone in the party spirit!

Once everyone was relaxed we had a wonderful round of over the knee handspanking, with both Ivy and myself going very pink 🙂 This was followed by an implements round. A great selection of implements were chosen including the flogger, various straps, paddles, slipper and crop. After a break for refreshments, we resumed with a round of speed spanking to warm us up for the cane! Finally, 2 lovely striped bottoms after 8 strokes of the cane each from each of the 6 lovely gentlemen present. What a great way to spend the evening, can’t wait for my next party 🙂




2 thoughts on “First Class Fun

  1. Alzeee says:

    Hi Sam – as always bottom looking great … you know how much I love sexy panties!!!! Hope to be around maybe end of May xxxx

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