Saucy Sailors

Yesterday I attended the lovely Jenny Red’s party where myself, Red and Amanda were dressed as saucy sailors. It was a wonderful afternoon with 7 lovely gentlemen, a nice relaxed atmosphere and of course plenty of spanking! Once everyone had arrived and settled in with a drink or 2, we began proceedings with a round of hand spanking. Everyone was very kind and there was a lot of bottom rubbing which was lovely!

After a break for a delicious buffet lunch, we then bent over for 12 strokes with an implement from each gentleman present. Next up was the caning round but someone produced a wooden spoon from the kitchen and we each got 4 strokes with the spoon before receiving 6 strokes of the cane from each gentleman. Two of the gents wanted to switch so we then took it in turns to give them a sound thrashing before sending them on their way with very sore bottoms!! 🙂

jens party july 2015 007 jens party july 2015 008

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